Greys Anatomy S06E01 Tuesday, Sep 29 2009 

Sobfest gallore! Who dies? Does anyone die? (and yes this will contain spoilers)

I didn’t like Greys at first when it aired on TV so I didnt watch it but alot of other people did and they couldn’t stop talking about it so I did what I do… I watched it so I could tell them how bad it was. Only problem with that was that I got hooked, and now I can’t miss it! I love it! Yes I get angry and frustrated but I don’t think I have ever cried as much to a TV-show ever as I have to Greys.

And this wasn’t an exception… I cried and I laughed and my feelings got bounced around like a little rubbel ball that a kid is playing with. They do know how to press all the buttons now don’t they…!

Sweet wonderful George died. Izzie lived. I know I’m a horrible person to actually wish that it was the other way around… but I do! George… the one character I fell in love with the first, the funny guy, the dork, the cute kid, the lovely and fantasticly brave man. He will be missed.

Mark on the other hand… come on! He is more sensitive than that! Or do they want him back as “the cool badboy” of the show now? Pfft! Nothing wasn’t that out of character but… it just felt a little off. I feel for Callie to, because I like her and because she is beautiful (and I would do her in a second!). She did the right thing really… and I don’t know but the chief is kinda loosing it… so maybe it’s time for him to get a grip or take a hike!

So there is only one more thing to say: RIP George.

“George would give everything.”


Twilight chapter 1-2 Tuesday, Sep 29 2009 

Okey let’s see if I get this straight; Bella is an “ugly” girl that the boys kinda swoon over, but she is definitely not pretty or anything like that! Oh noes! How could she be, she needs to be ordinary, of course. Then we have the beautiful, gorgeous, beautiful, handsome and beautiful “boy” with pallid features, redbrownish hair, cole-black eyes and well did I mention that he is beautiful? Because I think the author did about a million times. Ok, I get it he is beautiful!

I don’t really understand why because everything that is described about him is a feature that isn’t exactly traditionally handsome. Frankly he kind of reminds me of Snape (at least to a certain extent), a character I love and want to have babies with so don’t get me wrong. The difference is that in Harry Potter you overlook his appearance with his pallid feature and the black eyes (and you start liking it) because you absolutely LOVE his personality. Edwards personality is quite frankly lacking.

Okey, okey I get it, vampires have this power over people that makes them beautiful. But even with that both Bella and Edwards is shaping up to be Mary-Sues. They can do anything, and the fact that Bella is overly clumsy is the most basic flaw an author can make. You can’t just write something in so she won’t be perfect just for the sake of writing it in! She is ordinarily looking? Well no she isn’t. She is clumsy? Well sure but that is just so exaggerated… I role-play and if you create this “perfect” character and then think “how can I make him/her more ordinary” and then add a couple you’re thinking about, that will not make a complete character. That will feel like a bunch of character wrapped in to one. She doesn’t have any social skills? Well yes she does, she makes friends in an instant. Of course she doesn’t really like the poor boy that is nice and follows her around, oh no, she wants the boy that she thinks hates her, but then he doesn’t… oh the twists and turns!

And what is the other deal with her social skills? I mean she goes on and on about how lonely she is and how bad she is with people but she makes friends almost immediately and what does she do? Yeah, she doesn’t like them that much. Why? Because they are  just to friendly and of course because they talk a little “bad” (stating the truth more like) about the pallid beautiful boy that hates her guts (or so it would seem).

Was I the only one noticing the totally EMO about the kids sitting in the corner, by themselves, not talking or eating, just sitting there with the pallid beautiful faces and being Emo… It’s kind of sad that Emo is in right now because it’s sad that kids today actually think it’s cool to be sad and depressed and “against the world”. I didn’t even know that vampires could be Emo, but apparently they can!

And another thing. Why would a bunch of vampires go to school? I mean if they look kinda inhuman and all that, couldn’t they pass off as young adults and live as such? Wouldn’t that be a lot easier than going to school for the rest of eternity? It feels a little overly exposed to be going to school while you want to suck the blood out of everyone there… but maybe the author gives me an explanation later on, because now it just doesn’t make any sense. (If they didn’t it wouldn’t be any books, my brain is screaming at me but I refuse to listen because that is probably the worst reason ever!)

And please stop pushing down my throat that he is beautiful with perfect features and perfect teeth and perfect lips and yada, yada, yada I know you want me to think he looks perfect but quite frankly I don’t! Give me a break!

Twilight Tuesday, Sep 29 2009 

I usually try not to build my opinion about something before I read/watch it, but in the case of Twilight that is very hard. So I should start by saying that I’m not a big fan of Twilight. I’ve just heard to much weird stuff from it that I can’t really begin to descirbe the awfulnes of it really. So why do I intend to read it? Well one is because I want to see for myself if it really is so horrible or if it’s just… well not. Two is beacause I’m a firm believier that you can’t really say you dislike something if you haven’t given it a chance, and in this case I haven’t. Lord of the Rings I atleast tried to read the books (but I do love the movies!) before I said the books wasn’t anything for me. Frankly I love the world he (Tolkien) created  but I don’t fancy his wrighting.

Maybe Twilight will be the same? Or maybe I will like one of the characters? That could get you hooked without even wanting to. One single character that makes you want to keep reading. Or I will just hate it all, but I will try to keep an open mind (it’s going to be hard!!) and just get through them.

I could get started about everything I have already heard about the books but I will leave it for now and pick it up again if I encounter it in the books. There will be spoilers because I will go through every chapter basically, so be careful!

Lets talk about books and stuff… Monday, Sep 28 2009 

Hello People!

I should start by introducing myself. I’m 26 years old, blond, green blue eyes and I’m born and raised in a country called Sweden (no not the one with the clocks! The one with the porn and blond bimbos…) and no I am not one of the bimbos. They live here to but not in my apartment. I have a cat named Snape (guess what I like 😛 ) and I go to college.

English is not my first language and I usually don’t write that much in English so this is a test and a learning thing for me, so beer (haha! see what I did there? I made a funneh) with me here.

I am going to talk about books I read, books I re-read, movies I watch and tv-shows that I like or dislike. It will be my opinion and my views so… you might not like it.

So… let’s talk about books and stuff!