Sobfest gallore! Who dies? Does anyone die? (and yes this will contain spoilers)

I didn’t like Greys at first when it aired on TV so I didnt watch it but alot of other people did and they couldn’t stop talking about it so I did what I do… I watched it so I could tell them how bad it was. Only problem with that was that I got hooked, and now I can’t miss it! I love it! Yes I get angry and frustrated but I don’t think I have ever cried as much to a TV-show ever as I have to Greys.

And this wasn’t an exception… I cried and I laughed and my feelings got bounced around like a little rubbel ball that a kid is playing with. They do know how to press all the buttons now don’t they…!

Sweet wonderful George died. Izzie lived. I know I’m a horrible person to actually wish that it was the other way around… but I do! George… the one character I fell in love with the first, the funny guy, the dork, the cute kid, the lovely and fantasticly brave man. He will be missed.

Mark on the other hand… come on! He is more sensitive than that! Or do they want him back as “the cool badboy” of the show now? Pfft! Nothing wasn’t that out of character but… it just felt a little off. I feel for Callie to, because I like her and because she is beautiful (and I would do her in a second!). She did the right thing really… and I don’t know but the chief is kinda loosing it… so maybe it’s time for him to get a grip or take a hike!

So there is only one more thing to say: RIP George.

“George would give everything.”