I usually try not to build my opinion about something before I read/watch it, but in the case of Twilight that is very hard. So I should start by saying that I’m not a big fan of Twilight. I’ve just heard to much weird stuff from it that I can’t really begin to descirbe the awfulnes of it really. So why do I intend to read it? Well one is because I want to see for myself if it really is so horrible or if it’s just… well not. Two is beacause I’m a firm believier that you can’t really say you dislike something if you haven’t given it a chance, and in this case I haven’t. Lord of the Rings I atleast tried to read the books (but I do love the movies!) before I said the books wasn’t anything for me. Frankly I love the world he (Tolkien) created  but I don’t fancy his wrighting.

Maybe Twilight will be the same? Or maybe I will like one of the characters? That could get you hooked without even wanting to. One single character that makes you want to keep reading. Or I will just hate it all, but I will try to keep an open mind (it’s going to be hard!!) and just get through them.

I could get started about everything I have already heard about the books but I will leave it for now and pick it up again if I encounter it in the books. There will be spoilers because I will go through every chapter basically, so be careful!