Wow, I didn’t know it even existed so many synonyms for the word beautiful. Seriously. It’s a lot, and I do believe the author here has found them all. Or maybe not and soon I will learn a lot more. Honestly… really? She can’t even look at him because he is soooo wonderful. How have all the other girls managed in school for two years? I mean, have they tried and learned it’s no use or do they simply don’t care? I don’t get the fascination, but I guess if I where to meet him I would swoon… *gags*

So, what happens in this chapter? Well Bella is in an accident and is of course heroically saved by none other than Edward. He drags her away, lifts the truck (a little) that almost hits her and is basically superman. I’m expecting him to fly off in the distant any minute now. But alas, this does not happen (darn!). I do expect him to be able to fly you know, because that would literally make him Superman with fangs! Think about it, you know I’m right.

After she’s saved she absolutely know that he couldn’t have saved her because he was standing so far away so he couldn’t possibly have gotten to her in time if he was a normal human (see lightning speed! I’m telling you; Edward is Superman…or Marty-Sue, who ever you prefer). But she absolutely knows that she is not insane, that he moved so fast not one person could see him, and she gets pissed off at him when he doesn’t tell her. Yeah… did I mention that she hit her head? Okey, any normal person in that situation would probably think; “I hit my head, I think I saw him to far away but I did hit my head hard and I might be wrong because it’s just isn’t possible that any human could move that fast. Haha, do you really thing his Superman, come on Bella now your just being silly.” But oh no she doesn’t. She is utterly stupid about almost every other thing in the book but this one thing, when she actually get a free pass for being stupid, she is of course not.

And what happens in the hospital? Well she meets this doctor, who is also inhumanly beautiful (doesn’t she see a sign here instead? A whole family, kids adopted too apparently, that is so beautiful it almost hurts to look at them? Doesn’t that make her go a little suspicious? But no she doesn’t even contemplate the meaning of it). Now the author gets something going that is interesting, she talks about Bellas so called intuition. Come on! She doesn’t have that! Maybe when it fits the author and maybe when it fits the plotline but she doesn’t really have good intuition! If she did she would be better at reading people, she would be better at figuring things out and well she would just be better. Maybe she isn’t a Mary-Sue after all, maybe she is just stupid.

What agony it is that people is actually concerned about her! I mean of course it would be a lot better if not one person came to the hospital and asked how she was or if she needed help! I mean, YUCK! People care about her?! How could they! The HORROR! … … … Seriously? She gets mad at people for caring about her! Of course she has been living a lonely life so far if that is her problem. People should just ignore her and then she could be happy or what? If she doesn’t want friends why is she so bothered in the beginning about not really having any “back home”? I don’t get it.

The only funny parts are when Edward treats her like the child she is and smirks at her and she gets pissed off at him. That is truly funny. She deserves it.