OMG! I don’t know what to say. Apparently my “Superman with fangs” can withstand Kryptonite, but I’m willing to ignore that because in my eyes he is going to be the blue spandex boy! Bella does admit to having the theory that he could be Peter Parker or Bruce Wayne, and even here she is being stupid! Clark Kent! That is who you should be thinking about! (You mean I’m not taking this seriously? Haha, already figured that one out did you? You get a gold star and you may also keep reading).

So what happens in this chapter? Let’s see… Edward and Bella talks, they talk some more, Bella goes to class (Edward skips it) and almost pass out when the class is about blood types and she smells blood, then Edward ignore Mike who tries to get Bella’s attention, Edward sweeps he off her feet, Bella is resentful that Mike cares about her, they talk some more, Edward drives her home and… well that is pretty much it.

One thing I would like to bring up is the fact that Edward gets all surprised at the fact that Bella can smell blood. Am I stupid thinking that pretty much everybody can smell blood? Because I know I can (I do have to admit that we had the exact class at my High School and I almost fainted because of the smell of blood too, does that mean I get to be with a vampire who by rumour has it; sparkles?) and I am pretty sure I am not the only one? Blood do smell. It’s nothing weird about it? Some of us are just more sensitive about it. Edward of course shows off his inhuman strength again by lifting her up as nothing and carrying her to the nurse’s office.

Is biology and gym the only classes they’ve got at this school? Because it’s the only ones she seems to attend. Or that we get to see her attend is more like, or as the fact is here see her skip because she is “sick”. Oh and the cafeteria! They do seem to be spending a lot of time there. Not eating though. Why would you even go there if you’re not intending to eat? Oh well, maybe it’s a cultural thing.

What else? Oh yes, Edward is beautiful, handsome and has perfect features. What? You actually mean I have already told you this? Noooo! I couldn’t have. Sorry but the author keeps bringing it up so I need to keep pointing it out.

Does anyone but me notice that fact that Edward probably has the fastest changing mood ever? Maybe he’s bipolar? One second he smiles at her and tells a joke, the next he frowns disturbed, the next he is dark and broody and then in an instant he is almost smiling again. He shifts moods so fast I get bored. I do not think he is all that dark and mysterious, and the fact that the author tries to make him that by having him change mood every second is not exactly a turn-on either. Bella is irritatingly stupid and easily annoyed. Also, I am so over the fact that he thinks she is special because he can’t read her. What is it he can’t read? She’s an obnoxious, stupid girl with a bad temper and no interesting qualities at all… why on earth is that hard to read?