They go hiking, or well not really but they go on a trip (Bella and her so called ”friends” in Forks) to a beach, they sit there, meet some people and then they go home. Sounds disinteresting? Well anything would when you put it like that. I do hope you are sitting down because what I am about to tell you might shock you so much you will faint. Are you ready?

I liked this chapter (six). Well, okey let’s not get out hopes up to much here; I liked a particular part of this chapter. The “I’m going with them but thinking about Edward and trying not to gag to much on the fact that Mike likes me and I pretty much hate everyone who wants to talk to me”-Bella was driving me kind of insane there for a bit, but then Jacob Black got introduced. I’m going to ignore how much I hate the fact that the author picked Black as a last name (and not just because of Harry Potter) and just go on anyway. Jacob is of course also of the “handsome” kids but he isn’t pale luckily, and I can see where this is going… but he is likable. Bella is a moron, which she usually is, but in the part about the “story” I get why and I love the fact that he tells her even though he shouldn’t (probably thinking that she won’t believe him anyway). Yes I said loved!

Here’s the thing. When I like something I say it. When I dislike something I say it. Up until now I haven’t really liked anything that much to point it out. I have been fine with the bits and pieces that I haven’t mentioned but as far as “I like” goes, well not really. This on the other hand feels right, feels like something that would happen and it feels logical. Yes I like that part. For you who wonder what the heck I am talking about (I know some of you haven’t read the book and don’t mind spoilers) I am talking about when Jacob tells Bella about the wolfs (werewolf’s) and the cold ones (vampires) and basically outs Edward as a vampire. He tells a pretty good story to and he tells her that he belongs to the wolfs people and that the Cullens is cold ones and that they are special in the fact that they don’t prey on people but animals instead. The thing is I like this. I like the analogy of “the cold ones” and “the wolfs” and every word he uses. It feels like a genuine story of old times and well yeah it was fun reading about. Now I wish I had a book just with these stories instead of Twilight 😉

I hope you are still sitting down because you are going to need it. After the story I started to actually enjoy reading about Bella. She started acting like a normal person would (at least normal in my eyes). She didn’t know what to think, she searched the web for information about vampires and she just didn’t know what to think. I know right! Shocking! Because I would think that after hearing a story like that and putting the pieces about Edward and his family together (pale, handsome, not eating, super strong and unnatural speed and so on) she would feel suspicious. Also I don’t mind that she doesn’t just shrug it off as a stupid idea but that she looks it up. She doesn’t go straight to Edward and ask him “Are you a vampire?” that frankly, I kind of expected of her. She ponders, thinks and ponders some more.

But alas… I’m sorry to have to do this again but… then something snap inside her and she becomes even WORSE than before! Honestly! In chapter seven she sits down in the woods and contemplates the fact that what if Edward is a vampire and she figures out that even if he is (which she kind of think he is) she doesn’t want to loose him. So she starts obsessing about him even more! She has been obsessed before, thinking about him constantly (and I mean constantly) but now it’s like she wants to search him out and be with him even more. A girl just figured out, she thinks, that the boy she likes is a vampire… and she wants to spend more time with him? She doesn’t want to even try to ignore him so she won’t be vampirefood? Oh noes of course not. Because who wouldn’t want to run straight into the arms of a vampire you hardly know? *sigh*

And yes I have noticed that Jacob being “a wolf” is probably a werewolf and that they are usually not handsome in other stories… but if I am to point out every details to you I would be sitting here forever.

Stay tuned for the next chapter! (Don’t know when but not to far away I hope)