Hello People!

I should start by introducing myself. I’m 26 years old, blond, green blue eyes and I’m born and raised in a country called Sweden (no not the one with the clocks! The one with the porn and blond bimbos…) and no I am not one of the bimbos. They live here to but not in my apartment. I have a cat named Snape (guess what I like 😛 ) and I go to college.

English is not my first language and I usually don’t write that much in English so this is a test and a learning thing for me, so beer (haha! see what I did there? I made a funneh) with me here.

I am going to talk about books I read, books I re-read, movies I watch and tv-shows that I like or dislike. It will be my opinion and my views so… you might not like it.

So… let’s talk about books and stuff!