”..like he was talking to a mental patient…”

Thank you! Why, if Edward truly realizes that she is stupid, why oh why is he still interested? Doesn’t it exist more than one girl in the entire world? (“No it doesn’t! Not when it’s true love and it is, it’s true love! It’s romantic and perfect and squuee!” I hear people shouting in the distance but I can’t listen to that. High school love isn’t true love, it’s hormones and stupidity all wrapped in to one to make us grown ups wish we could pound some sense into the kids!) Something about her blood? Yeah now I do feel sorry for him. Well not really… I wish I could because sometimes I feel like without the “Superman with fangs”-thing he could’ve been an interesting character. Not sane or anything like that, just interesting.

I do have to admit that Edward in blue spandex and a giant E on his chest has made me chuckle more than one time yesterday and today… can you imagine it? Flying off in the distance, carrying Bella, to destroy yet another book with every stupid word, every stupid thought and all the Mary-Sueness you could wish for if you were indeed mentally handicapped. I am not saying that you need to be mentally handicapped to enjoy Twilight… I’m saying that… that… you… eh… never mind.

”We shouldn’t be friends.” “Do you want a ride to Seattle?” “I’m tired of staying away from you, Bella.” “You really should stay away from me.” Eh…. What? Are you kidding me? What Edward, do you want Bella to realize all by herself that she shouldn’t be with you? You want her to actually be really offended with you and stay away? Well then, how about you stop acting like she matters some of the times you talk to her and stick with the “I don’t care about you attitude”! It’s like watching the emotionally abusive relationship with the boyfriend hitting the girlfriend but as long as he apologizes afterwards she is all mushy for him again. Maybe they all just need a big healthy dose or therapy?

And what is her problem? She gets pissed off at the three guys wanting to go out with her and then a second later she is having self esteem issues because Edward doesn’t like her? Because she is just so ordinary, bla bla bla! Yeah right, because any other girl almost gets his by a car or moves from a big town to a small one or gets three guys at the same time to swoon over her… Do girls really act like that? For real?! If we do then I would like to give a big “I’m sorry” to all the guys out there. No wonder you say you don’t get us. Frankly I don’t get Bella either. I mean who really gets offended when a person likes them but then also gets offended when someone seem to dislike them too? Who? I’d like to know, because I want to have a serious talk with that person.

Maybe I should stop now, keep my sanity, but I need to get through it… please give me strength!