My first experience of Stargate was the movie. Me and my brother was probably one of the first people who watched it in Sweden because we rented it on VHS and I fell in love. Then the first show came. My two favourite characters where still there (Jackson and O’Niell) so I liked it well enough. The first episodes I also rented (rent a show on VHS, who have heard of such a thing!) and then it came to TV and I was still watching it. But after a while I got bored and the plotline got more outrageous, and the characters less and less likable… So I stopped watching it. I tried watching Stargate Atlantis when that came and sure it had a few great new characters, but I still felt it wasn’t like “the movie” that I still love to bits.

So, it was with a slight amount of hesitation that I clicked on the first episode of Stargare Universe, the new one in the series. I was willing to give it a go though, because I know other people who like it well enough and because I still haven’t lost hope…

General plot:
A bunch of people fall out of the Stargate to this big ancient ship and they get hurt because they practically fly out of it, and now they have to find a way to survive. Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. What, you wanted more? Well, they have a senator, a girl, a nerd, a doctor, guest appearances with a slightly chubby O’Niell, a longhaired Sam and oh a video with Jackson. They also have the rebel, the “doctor”, the romantic drama, the sacrifice for the good of them all and that stuff.

If you like Stargate SG1 and especially if you fancy Stargate Atlantis I think this is a show for you. If you don’t like them? Well I haven’t made up my mind yet. It does have some good qualities but they are playing on the edge of what is good drama and cliché to.

I do know that Eli (David Blue) is a cliché and the so called comic relief. The nerd’s ultimate fantasy for the games/shows they play/watch to actually be real, but I can’t help it; I love him! Oh and the so called “doctor” is creepy… eew!

Favourite Quotes:

“We got to at least open a few doors.”
”Do we? Do we really?”

“The door is flashing red.”
”Can you open it from there?”
“Red is usually bad isn’t it?”